Company KORAL, Ltd. was established on 30.1.1997 by registration in the Commercial Register of the District Court Košice I, number 8973/V1997, to provide complex services in the field of geophysical measurements, data processing and creation of GIS.


Employees brought to the company many years of working experience in these areas. In the early years the research group consisted of the long-term staff of the former Geological survey s.p. Spisska Nova Ves, Geological survey of the Slovak republic Spisska Nova Ves  s.p. and Geocomplex plc Bratislava.


Gradually, the team of employees has been supplemented by other staff at different stages of processing. It has also gradually expanded the list of offered services. Cooperation with national and international partners gave to employees a chance to work on a number of projects in different parts of the world.