Aerial geophysical mapping is a modern effective geophysical method that provides fast and high-quality geophysical surveys of large areas.

The company Koral, Ltd. offers solutions in the field of air geophysics where it cooperates with other partner organizations of the field of air geophysics.

The types of aerial survey: Magnetometric, radiometric and electromagnetic (TEM)
KORAL offers:
1 Stable, professional and trained staff
2 Quality of cooperation
3 Making of maps and preparation of other data relating to aerial preparation
4 Getting permission
5 Aerial mapping and data retrieval
6 Quality control and data mapping
7 Introductory outputs
8 The final maps and reports delivered to clients

Letecká geofyzika


Sampling frequency 0.1s
Flight speed 40-200 km / h
Cs magnetometer
Supporting measurement of magnetic variations on the ground

Sampling frequency 1s
Flight speed 40-200 km / h
Gammaray Spectrometer System / 256 channels

TEM / Helicopter transient electromagnetic system /:
Flight speed: 30-120 km / h
Suitable for mapping groundwater and bearing metals