Creation of GIS

Geographic Information System (GIS) we mainly use for the production, analysis, data management and linking attributes which are spatially referenced. In the specific terms the information system is able to integrate, analyze and display of geographic information links. In a number of generally useful components GIS is a tool that allows users to analyze and elaborate spatial information, edit data, maps, and present the results of all these operations.

All important effects and objects necessary for decision-making and planning at all levels of management can be caught in the digital map. Digital thematic map and GIS resources thus become an important source of information and a working tool of managers, planners, architects and investors.


Our service:

Koral, Ltd. provides comprehensive services in the field of production and digitization of various kinds of thematic maps, GIS development and maintenance, data management and updates.

We provide consultancy for 3D modeling, geostatistics, creating and managing digital models of various objects, terrain, topography, and their incorporation into the GIS system.


Our basic products are:


• Creation of thematic maps, information systems and geostatistical processing of wells and their modeling in GIS,
• development of an information system linking to the digital and thematic maps,
• complete developing of GIS for mining, cities and state government,
• comprehensive visualization of thematic and digital maps in 3D.