All important effects and objects necessary for decision-making and planning at all levels of management can be caught in the digital map. Digital thematic map and GIS resources thus become an important source of information and a working tool of managers, planners, architects and investors.

Our service:

Koral, Ltd. provides comprehensive services in the field of production and digitization of various kinds of thematic maps, GIS development and maintenance, data management and updates.

We provide consultancy for 3D modeling, geostatistics, creating and managing digital models of various objects, terrain, topography, and their incorporation into the GIS system.

Our basic products are:

• Creation of thematic maps, information systems and geostatistical processing of wells and their modeling in GIS,
• development of an information system linking to the digital and thematic maps,
• complete developing of GIS for mining, cities and state government,
• comprehensive visualization of thematic and digital maps in 3D.

Koral Ltd. offers production of digital maps in large and medium scale, production of other geological, geophysical, and thematic maps. Products include 3D ​​model – terrain, objects and calculation of reserves. Geodetic data contain geospatial information, which are an essential part of the geographic information system. They are essential for capturing the reality of objects, territory and space in a digital form.


Scanning is a digital scan of maps and photos for further processing in a CAD environment, or archiving existing project documentation. Our company offers scanning in A4, A3 paper, grayscale or color in a variety of formats (jpg., pdf., Tif., …)


Digital processing of the elderly as well as newly collected data plays in today’s world a very important role. Availability of digital data, the correct format, and usability are still more important. Koral Ltd. mainly focuses, in digital data processing, on digitization of:
• topographic,
• geological, hydrogeological, engineering- geological maps,
• various thematic maps,
• cadastral maps,
• plans and schemes.


It is way of adapting the underlying image into the vector format. Vectorisation can be processed manually or semi-automatically. The result of it is therefore not an image file TIF, JPG, PDF or CIT, but right vector format DWG, DGN, DXF, etc. It is realized by using professional software, which allows black and white and color vectorisation with the ability to preserve text, line thickness, or other properties of lines, like a semicolon etc. and all of this divides into separate levels. Thus, the resulting file contains entity-lines texts as if they are directly created in the CAD. The quality of the output is directly proportional to the quality of the supplied original.

Map reference

The company Koral Ltd. offers:

Processing of satellite and aerial file formats

• data conversion,
• georeferencing,
• mosaicking,
• thematic processing,
• 2D and 3D visualization
• processing of hybrid maps.

Data visualization

• thematic maps and schemata,
• hybrid maps – combined raster-vector maps
• orthophotomaps.

Mathematical and statistical data processing

 • correlations
• interpolation,
• morphometric analysis.