Exploration area is a space defined on the surface by the closed geometrical figure with straight sides without free surface, bounded below the surface by the vertical planes through the sides. Peaks borders of the exploration area on the surface are determined by coordinates in the current coordinate system. Surveying territory is defined by the ministry to proposal of the client.

Exploration area for the same purpose cannot overlap, even not partially.
Exploration area for various purposes cannot be partially or completely overlapped, if it is substantially more difficult or impossible to carry out geological work or the use of their results, especially if it is the survey of developmentally or spatially related deposits of reserved minerals or exploration of different types of groundwater.


The company Koral, Ltd., provides consulting services to ensure the survey areas:

Find a good area
Research work
Legislative assistance in obtaining exploration area
Ensuring the permit
Ensuring of the exploration activities
Processing of annual reports
Evaluation of raw material reserves in this area