Possibilities of utilization of applied geophysics are various, from geological, hydrogeological, engineering geological areas to technical problems and environmental protection.

In geological exploration geophysics is usable for basic geological research and exploration, geological mapping of geological layers, veins, tectonics and other geological phenomena. In bearing surveys for prospecting, its three-dimensional boundary, identifying the quantitative and qualitative layout of the material in the deposit and its surroundings. Air geophysics allows quick orientation survey of large areas and identifies the areas for detailed surveys, so it saves significant funds of the purchaser.


In engineering geological work – surveys for establishment of buildings, for line constructions, slope deformation, rocks distortion, monitoring of dams.

For hydrogeological area – searching groundwater, determine the level and temperature of groundwater, exploration for geothermal water.

In environmental protection – a measurement of radioactivity, indicative radon survey, protection zones, pollution mapping of geological environment, mapping of old ecological burdens, three-dimensional boundary of covered landfills, materials layout in the landfill, mapping of discharges and pollution from landfills.

Geophysics is also applicable in various engineering problems such as searching for ammunition and other covered items, underground caverns, cellars and caves and other underground spaces; Mapping the quality of the subsoil of roads, highways and railways; Monitoring the technical condition of wells.

Koral company has long experience in geophysical exploration. We have a wide range of devices and geophysical methods. We will be happy to assist you with solving particular problems and suggest the most appropriate methodology for the survey.