Monitoring drillholes

We realize well´s monitoring:
- During the technical work to ensure the required quality and required drilling parameters
- The implemented wells (also old) to check the technical condition of the well, and for monitoring hydrodynamic properties of a drilled environment.


Monitoring and control of technical work
Changes in diameter of the drill and casing
Deposition of filters´ regularity
Control quality of casing cementation
Observance of the spatial orientation, curvature of the borehole
 Monitoring changes in temperature regime in the borehole during and after drilling
The water temperature at the steady state and transient conditions
Monitoring of hydrodynamic properties
Places of the tributaries
Determination of mineralization of the tributaries
Quantification of the individual tributaries
Filter changes characteristics of a drilled environment

Visual inspection of the borehole through a television camera
Casing condition, casing joints, clogged filters, casing failures, incrustation
Places of the tributaries
Determination of the evasion point