Geophysical survey solutions

The activities of our company are focused on geological support  for exploration of deposits, minerals, basic mapping survey. We provide a wide range of services for engineering geological survey of linear and other constructions, for the search for groundwater, including geothermal water, and also for geological surveys of environmental burdens.

Our services

The main focus of Koral, s.r.o. is applied Geophysical survey.

 Other activities include spatial data processing – statistics, creation of thematic maps, 3D modeling, large format printing, creation and implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

 We also offer engineering geology services, radon survey, mercury content detection in air (mercurometry).

 We provide consultations related to exploration areas – data processing, legislative provision, design, provision of exploration work, processing and evaluation of works, indicative calculation of ore reserves.

Deposit geological survey

Hydrogeological survey

Engineering geological survey

Geological survey of the environment

In ore deposit, mapping and hydrogeological surveys, we are able to cover the whole range of survey depths from shallow surveys of the order of a few decimeters to deep surveys to a depth of several kilometers.

Range of geoelectric methods – metal detector, CMD, multicable, TEM, SP, VES, OP, IP, CSAMT, MT.GPR

In addition to surface methods, we also provide geophysical measurements in wells – logging, including a drilling camera.

We choose from our offer

• Search for engineering networks and other surface inhomogeneities – GPR (ground penetrating radar)

• Determination of the radon index of the area and measurement of radon and radiation risk

• Camera recording of the borehole

• Induced polarization measurement, TEM and magnetotelluric measurements

• Corrosion and geoelectric survey

• Management of exploration areas

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Implemented projects in 30+ countries around the world